On June 22, 2013 two outdoor and temporary ‘pop-up’ Italian-American Cultural Museums will take place, one at the gateway to the North End, on Cross Street between Hanover and Salem Streets (from 3:00-4:00 PM) and another in Uphams Corner on Dudley Street and Columbia Road (from 1:00-2:00 PM).

Similar to an actual museum those in attendance will be able to engage in multi-media ‘exhibits’ to learn about the history of Italians in Boston’s North End. But unlike a typical museum, this exhibition is an interactive flash mob, made up of North End residents and supporters who are sharing stories, explaining photographs, and showing short documentaries about the North End. Attendees are able to engage with actual community members about their neighborhood instead of a small placard that usually accompanies artwork at a museum.

Please contact Jeanne Dasaro if you have questions about the event or are interested in volunteering on event day.


North End Stories Creator, Jeanne Dasaro, was awarded a small grant from The Boston Foundation’s ExpressingBoston initiative to host a ‘pop-up’ Italian-American Cultural Museum. More about The Boston Foundation and ExpressingBoston follows. ExpressingBoston is the Boston Foundation’s pilot civic and cultural vibrancy initiative that seeks to celebrate the diverse cultural identities of Boston’s over 140 ethnic communities.  With the belief that local, culturally-relevant artistic expressions can create vibrant communities, the Boston Foundation will elevate public cultural expression through small grants or contracts for cultural flash mobs of any form – performances, random acts of culture, installations, exhibitions and beyond—and in any genre of art.

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