Earlier this year North End Stories interviewed Rosalba Ursino about her immigration from Italy and growing up in the North End. We were happy to hear that following her interview Rosabla reconnected with ‘Angie,’ the neighbor she shared a story of during her interview. Rosalba remembers Angie fondly from childhood, but lost touch with her over the years. It’s wonderful they were able to reconnect and share stories of the past with one another. Below Rosalba shares her story.


“I was pondering on the June beginning today and how the month is devoted to my most precious devotion, The Sacred Heart Jesus. I usually go to Church at St. Joseph’s here in the West End, on Wednesdays and Fridays, but today something sort of came over me, and I decided to go to St. Leonard’s in the North End. I wasn’t sure if I could make it in time to go during my lunch hour.  This nudge was on me to go to St. Leonard’s, being it was First Friday, the Devotion to the Sacred Heart, so off I went. As I was entering St. Leonard’s to light a candle I realized that there was a Mass going on and I was very happy about that, but I was also looking at the clock all the while to be sure to make it back to work on time. Looking around I noticed a woman diagonally across from my aisle. I couldn’t believe it, I kept looking and looking and I said, that’s Angie, the woman I spoke about in my interview on North End Stories!! I wanted to run over and say, hey Angie, do you remember me?! Of course I didn’t do this, I did not want to disturb Mass. When it was time for Holy communion I took the opportunity to get in line in behind the woman that was with Angie.

I quietly asked,  ‘Excuse me, is the woman you are with named Angie?”

She said, “yes, she’s my mother.”

I quietly told her how I never forgot her mother and even mentioned her during a recent interview with North End Stories. I told her I could not wait to talk, but had to postpone the conversation because I had to head back to work. I gave her one of my business cards to look me up and see the interview on North End Stories. She hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. A few weeks following our meeting in church, Angie’s son and and daughter-in law got in touch. I was able to reconnect with Angie, who I now 95 years old, over coffee.”


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